Sat, Jan 17, 2015
18th Annual Beach Planting & Native Habitat Restoration @ Linda Mar Beach in conjunction with MLK Day of Service. Read about past events here.

Thurs, Jan 22, 2015
Social Hour at Paisano's Restaurant, Pacifica - 6:30 to 8:00pm

Fri, Jan 23, 2015
Friday Night Documentary Film Night  highlighting threatened bees held in partnership with Pacifica Libraries, Hilton Way, Pacifica - Time to be confirmed.

Sat, Feb 22, 2015
Japanese Tsunami Debris Cleanup @ Linda Mar
Register now! Sign up & find more info here.

Sun, Feb 22, 2015
7th Annual Surf Movie Fundraiser to Benefit Earth Day of Action. Times to be confirmed. Read about past movie benefit events here. 

Sat, Feb 28, 2015 
Japanese Tsunami Debris Cleanup @ Mussel Rock
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Sat, Apr 18, 2015 - Bee the Change, Bee an Earth Hero!
11th Annual Earth Day of Action & EcoFest @ Linda Mar Beach 
Read about past events here.  The 2015 theme is Bee the Change, Bee an Earth Hero!
Mark your calendars and start enlisting your team ... the bees need our help!

Sat, Apr 18, 2015
Japanese Tsunami Debris Cleanup @ Linda Mar & Mussel Rock
Register now! Sign up & find more info here.

Take the
"Trash Bucket Challenge"

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1. Pick up one bucket of trash within 24 hours of receiving your challenge or donate to Pacific Beach Coalition. 

2. Challenge 3 others. 

3. Have fun saving fish!

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More than 1,250 volunteers of all ages took action and made a difference during the 30th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day in Pacifica.

They came from far and wide to our beaches, parks, shoreline, creeks, parking lots and neighborhood streets from Mussel Rock and Sweeney Ridge to Pedro Point down to Half Moon Bay to  participate and learn about protecting and preserving our coastal treasures by keeping debris off our beaches, out of our ocean and waterways!  Read more about the September 20th event and the results here.  The Pacifica Beach Coalition extends our gratitude to you, our Earth Heroes! 

View KTVU Channel 2 Bay Area News Footage @ Linda Mar Beach.  Read the story here


A fiberglass skiff possibly from Japan, which may or may not be from the 2011 tsunami disaster, recently washed ashore at Mussel Rock (near Avalon Canyon in Daly City) 
in August 2014. The site’s Adopt A Beach team discovered the skiff and went the extra mile to alert proper authorities to begin to identify and arrange for its removal. It is yet to be determined if the skiff displaying Japanese writing originates from the 2011 tsunami, though it is a similar risk coming from waters that allow foreign organisms (aquatic invasive species) to grow and then be transported to our fragile coastal environment.
It is the third boat to come to shore in California since 2011, and is an example of how the Pacifica Beach Coalition and authorities are reacting as they would to any tsunami-related debris.  It was evaluated for radiation, although the risk is unlikely because the Fukoshima nuclear meltdown and subsequent leakage occurred after the tsunami spread debris far and wide.

It is expected the Japanese consulate will receive information on the findings to reach out to the government of Japan to try to identify an original owner and determine whether the boat was lost during the tsunami.  See more images here.  Read Pacifica Tribune article here 

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JUST IN - Check out the amazing 2014 Earth Day of Action & EcoFest video

More PBC News:

30th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is September 20

-  Learn more and see the photos and the action with Genentech Gives Back 2014,  visit us on Facebook

Pacifica Beach Coalition receives Chicken of the Sea Award    

- Learn more about Earth Day of Action & EcoFest 2014, event sponsors and local business contributors here.   For highlights, photos and sentiments on what happened during Earth Week, Earth Day of Action & EcoFest, visit us on Facebook
6th Annual Surf Movie Benefit in partnership with Pedro Point Surf Club supporting Earth Day of Action 2014 is a SUCCESS as GIGANTIC as Maverick's monster waves with an incredibly inspiring story and amazing guests!
- Pacifica Beach Coalition Receives “2013 Outstanding Community Organization” PLUS Additional Commendations during Pacifica Chamber of Commerce 2014 Awards 
- Pacifica's Plastic Bag Ban Effective April 22, 2013 - Bring A Bag Every Time You Shop!     


The Pacifica Beach Coalition is dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat and wildlife, and ending litter, through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action. If you are interested in helping us with our mission, you are invited to join our group. Opportunities to help are numerous and all skills are appreciated. 
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