We Won! Envirotoken 2016 at New Leaf HMB

Yes, we won this year Envirotoken at the New Leaf in Half Moon Bay!


What Are Envirotoken? Reminder:

Whenever you reuse a grocery bag at New Leaf, you receive a 10¢ Envirotoken to donate to the non-profit of your choice. At the request of longtime customer, Ron Goodman, New Leaf started the Envirotoken program in 1993 with a twofold goal: to support local nonprofits working for the environment and conserve resources by encouraging recycling. Every May, at every New Leaf store, customers have the opportunity to vote for Envirotoken recipients for the coming year and we won! These non-profits (like us) are supported by our customers throughout the year and each time you use a reusable grocery bag. Giving back to the community, each time you shop!

What You Need To Do:

Go do your grocery shopping at New Leaf HMB and bring your own bags. At the register, crab 2 or 3 little green coupons and make sure to place them inside the PBC urn. Done!