Jeff, Paxton & Richard at Mussel Rock

Jeff Christner reports:

Even though the official Mussel Rock cleanup was cancelled, we went anyway due to concern I had about the styrofoam and crates still washing up from the containers that went overboard from the ship a couple weeks ago. We ended up with one intact bread crate, pieces of several more, and a 1/2 a large green garbage bag of just styrofoam. Also removed a somewhat large rope and net bundle that probably weighed about 40 pounds. Someone else must have found another crate and a 12′ long piece of shipping container since both those items had been hauled up to the Mussel Rock parking lot. The photo shows my son on the left and one of our roommates Rich on the right. Note the waves in the background, it was high tide, and the waves were very dangerous today, throwing water and rocks up onto the road above the rip rap area.

mussel rock matson cleanup