Marj Davis Took Care of The Levee Beach

Beach Cleanup by Marj Davis:

Here is my bounty for today at the south end of the levee beach, everything in front of, and including, the big piece of metal, which I dragged up the cliff and handed to a very helpful young man who was jogging and hauled it down to the can for me (I loaned him my glove!) I packed out the bucket. The beach looked much better than Thursday, some of which may be due to the tide, but judging by what is by the trash can at that far end, many people have been picking up since I was there last on Thursday. There is a lot there by the trash can waiting for pick up. THANKS EVERYONE for doing what you do!! (P.S. bags are mostly trash and styrofoam, a couple of pieces of flat wood make good skimmers for getting the small pieces).

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