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In late April, the Pacifica Beach Coalition received a whale of a surprise and $10,000 award from Chicken of the Sea's Great American Gratitude campaign celebrating their Centennial. They're giving back to those who have also been doing good, and travelling across the US to honor 100 individuals, causes and organizations that are making a difference with $10,000 each. Thank you Chicken of the Sea and KTVU for the nomination! The Pacifica Beach Coalition received the award at KTVU Channel 2 studio while taping "Bay Area People" hosted by Lisa Yokota. The program aired Saturday May 3 on KTVU (channel 2) and Sunday May 4 on TV36. "Bay Area People" is also available on KTVU.com and Comcast On-Demand.  Check out "Bay Area People" here.  Check out the Great American Gratitude campaign here.  

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