Overwhelmed Garbage Can on the Great Highway at Judah

Great Highway and Judah   BEFORE

Great Highway and Judah BEFORE












I was driving north on the Great Highway one beautiful Saturday morning…

I was shocked and saddened. Every can was overflowing and surrounded by a lot of garbage.    It was heartbreaking.   I had to do something.

I parked near Judah and walked up with bags, a bucket and a pick-up stick to tackle the garbage.  The whole area to the can was littered, too. I picked it all up and a Recology worker came as I was finishing and took it all away: 2.5 large toters full.

I don’t understand why people dump on the ground by an already overflowing garbage can in an area subject to high winds so close to the ocean.  Why can they not take it home with them?  Pack it in, Pack it out.




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