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Earth Day 2014 by Steve Brown, Bob Twigg & Ed Barber, Pacific Coast TV - Results of Earth Day 2014 - Released September 2014

Snowy Plover Fence Build by Ian Butler - September 2014
Volunteers put up fencing to protect the threatened Snowy Plovers at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica. 

Earth Day 2014 Snowy Plover Pledge on the Beach by Luna Taylor, California Coastal Commission - April 2014

Cox Conserves - 2013 Bay Area Award Winner Lynn Adams

Earth Day in Pacifica 2013 by Pacific Coast TV - Results of Earth Day 2013:  8531 volunteers, 150 community groups, 125 businesses, 12 school assemblies about sharks, the best-ever 40-booth festival with an awesome circus and 3 bands, 30% less trash by weight, more greenwaste and gardening projects.  Sharks of the sea honored with Shark Expert David McGuire. 

MLK National Day of Service 2013 by Bryan A. Lemos
A mini doc montage of the Pacifica Beach Coalition's MLK National Day of Service beach clean up. Shot at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica, CA.