About Us


When you join the award-winning Pacifica Beach Coalition, you find yourself part of something special!

We’re a growing community of ‘Earth Heroes’ teeming with passion for protecting and preserving the health of our ocean, beaches, wildlife, and coastal environment.

Together we’re a powerful force for positive change, building and delivering a model for sustainable environmental stewardship and kinship among all ages through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action in the Bay Area.

Throughout the year, you can connect with others who care and take action by leading and influencing positive change for our environment.  The opportunities are limitless! You can volunteer to clean a beach, restore native habitat, participate in advocacy, become a member, attend meetings, organize social hours, donate to our all-volunteer organization or one of our dedicated funds, join a committee, sponsor a program or event, become a liaison, and/or simply learn more about protecting our ocean, beaches, creeks, wildlife, native habitat and coastal environment through our e-News.

Our Mission Statement

The Pacifica Beach Coalition is dedicated to preserving the ocean, coastal habitat, and wildlife, and ending litter through advocacy, education, community building, and citizen action.

pef-logoThe Pacifica Beach Coalition is a project of Pacifica’s Environmental Family, a registered nonprofit organization that supports and provides fiscal sponsorship to local environmental projects in Pacifica, California.