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Weasel Enjoying Linda Mar Habitat Restoration Efforts

Posting a few photos taken by Nobuko Inouye. Nobuko, walks the Linda Mar to Rockaway beach path almost every day, and takes photos, which she posts to her blog (in Japanese). She takes some great photos: whales, birds, fishermen, bunnies, gophers, THAT DRAT animal eating my newly planted native plants, WEASEL!!!, etc., anything interesting going on locally, and in her

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Apple – Bulingame Rocks Linda Mar

2,000 pounds of Dried Weeds Removed Beach Cleanup Results – 12 pounds of Trash, 9 pounds of Recycling, 5 pounds of Rigid Plastic, 326 Cigarette Butts – (boo hoo), 6 pair of shoes, several ropes, 3 surf leashes, beach toys, a volleyball, boxer shorts and too many pieces of plastic to count… Habitat Restoration Results – Approx 2,000 pounds of

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MLK Beach Planting Results

This year’s 18th Annual beach planting  and cleanup at Linda Mar State beach on Saturday, January 17th was truly a COMMUNITY effort! Members of the Pacifica Beach Coalition and volunteers did double duty, picking up trash on the beach, then planting natives in the dunes. Three organizations donated lots of beautiful plants: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC), The Watershed Nursery &

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