The Earth Day Results Are In – 3588 LBS of Trash Collected!

WOW! Let us say it again: WOW!


YOU ALL WERE FANTASTIC and together we were able to create one of the most incredible day for Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Daly City, the coast, the sea stars, and most especially, the environment! From the Schools, to the Action, to the EcoFest, everything was amazing and extremely impactful!

Earth Day 2018 Results

7,152 volunteers
5300 Children reached at schools
5000 pounds of trash
652 pounds of recycle
10,500 pounds of green waste

21 Schools received Assemblies – 7500 Students & Teachers
54 sites
10 Beaches
15 districts
17 HR / Gardening sites
8 Streets
90 Community Groups/Businesses/ schools/ churches took action on Saturday April 21st
52 orgs at EcoFest
We had 1698 volunteers on ED @ 54 sites, 3588 #’s of Trash, 786#’s of Recycles, 3886 #’s of Greenwaste, and 14,873 cig butts that were counted.
Add 7500 students who took action for ED and that ends up being
9198 total volunteers for ED. That includes 225 volunteers that I estimate worked the EcoFest both for Setup and take down and also running the booths, parking, sign waivers, counters, petting zoo helpers, etc.,
Thank you again for all you do and have done and as usual … plan to do!